• Using the ProD tool found here to generate procedural dungeons, I am creating a game in which the player has to survive zombies and solve puzzles in the style of RE and escape from the dungeon world. In this blog I will give you some information about the progress of this project.

  • Zombie Wander.
    In this test run, a zombie wanders through the halls of a dungeon looking for places of interest. I turned on the Fog of War so that it becomes apparent how it looks for places it hasn't discovered yet. The zombie's behavior is dictated by two behavior trees, the screenshots can also be found here. The zombie will move until it finds something it can chase. How this works, will become apparent in the next iteration of the project.

  • Pheromones.
    In this test run, six zombies wander the dungeon just like in the first test but they drop pheromones as they go. Pheromones have a position and point to the next pheromone making a trail. The zombies will check for pheromones and if another zombie has already been to a location that it wants to go to, it will move to another location instead, making sure that zombies don't all move to the same location all the time.

  • Please don't look at this text, I'm not an HTML guru and I don't wanna spent my entire day making sure that the image to the right is correctly placed so I use this half-baked approach. Thanks for your support and understanding!

  • Graphics.
    I know it isn't the core of what I am trying to accomplish here but I gotta say; it looks pretty well. Check out these links where I got the models: Decrepit Dungeon and Zombie Epidemic Pack. The camerawork will eventually be for the player so you get sort of a Resident Evil kind of feeling