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Unity Web Player | Zombie_AI_test

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A zombie will move to a location and on every node he visits, he will drop a pheormone. Other zombies that stumble upon thos pheromones will try to avoid moving in the same direction as the zombie that dropped them (pheromones have a direction that they point to, so he knows where the other zombie has moved to). This allows the zombies to spread more even over the map and not be clustered.
During this test run, the pheromones are very straightforward but in later runs I want to make everything a pheromone. If the player bleeds, he will drop pheromones that zombies will start following. If a zombie has knowledge of the player and comes across other zombies, they will also start following the first zombie, which will then itself act as a pheromone. I want every aspect of the zombies being triggered to move in a certain direction to be pheromones to create a realistic way in which zombies gain knowledge about the players current position. And. I want to create a game that is both challenging and fair in the style of Resident Evil (no, not RE 5 or 6 or 23, I'm talking about RE: Mansion Remake for GameCube).