Together with Tom van Duist, we created a game that connected players not via the use of networking but using Bluetooth. The assignment was to pick a problem that the gaming industry is currently struggling with and fix that problem. The problem we came up with is that online games are often very unpersonal. You are playing with someone on the other end of the planet and usually the players aren't really connected with each other. That is to say, they only see the avatar of the other player.

That is why we came up with this game. Players are connected not via a network, but via bluetooth. we turn the disadvantage of bluetooth, its lack of range into an advantage because the players are sitting next to each other when they are playing the game and the emotions are much stronger than they are when playing against an anonomous player. This game is turn-based. The goal is to reach the finish before your opponent does. Underway you can collect pick-ups (green questionmarks) to spawn enemies or obstacles and slow down the opponent. What we really wanted to see was for players to annoy each other and then go 'nananana!' to the other.

Sadly, the game is no longer available since it was only available on test devices, but here are some screenshots we took. Hopefully in the near-future we will continue to work on this concept and release it to the marketplace.