For a school assignment, I worked on a physics engine called Cyclone Physics to create physics simulations. This assignment has been excelusively done in Visual C++. Click on one of the projects below to download the .exe file. Make sure that you also have the glut32 dll installed.

  • Spiderweb.
    This is a Mass Aggregate application where multiple anchors are created that hold the web in place. Use the mouse to grab the web at a certain point to move it around (the red dot in the middle represents the spider).
    NOTE: the web doesn't always compile right. Sometimes open it multiple times to get the right result. I'm working on it!

  • Wall.
    Shoots a brick into a wall. Because of the way in which collisions are calculated and updated, the wall is made up of a single brick that is subdivided whenever the object hits it and the forces acting upon the wall are then distributed among those bricks (try setting the mass to 0 and then fire).
    To reset the application, press 'R'. To fire the brick, press SPACEBAR. To toggle pause, press 'P' and to increase/decrease the mass of the brick, press +/- to change camera position, hold the right mouse-button.

  • Dice.
    Throws a handful of dice onto the floor. Dice are a weird sort of rigid-body: when they are rolling over their sides they act like spheres but when they fall unto one face, they act like cubes.
    To reset the application, press 'R'. to change camera position, hold the right mouse-button.